29 НОЯБРЯ: лекция ДЖИНА МАХАВИРА: джайнский аскетизм и религия ахимсы

29 ноября, в 19.00 состоится вторая лекция цикла о великих духовных учителях Востока. На сей раз, беседа посвящена джайнизму — древней индийской религии, которая, тем не менее, отрицает высшего Бога и не признает авторитет ключевой индийской традиции — Вед. 

Сергей Пахомов посвятит нас в тайны религии "духовных победителей" — джайнов, расскажет о выдающемся джайнском наставнике — Джине Махавире, его духовных подвигах и просветлении, а также о том, что делают его последователи, чтобы освободить душу от "кармического плена".

Курс "ДУХОВНЫЕ УЧИТЕЛЯ ВОСТОКА" — это интереснейшее философское путешествие по основным духовным традициям мира (индуизм, буддизм, джайнизм, сикхизм, даосизм, конфуцианство, суфизм). 

курс ведёт Сергей Владимирович Пахомов, кандидат философских наук, доцент философского факультета Санкт-Петербургского Государственного Университета, специалист в области религиозно-философских традиций Востока, автор свыше 90 научных публикаций, редактор и переводчик, организатор многочисленных научных мероприятий в Санкт-Петербурге и других городах России


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A new 'Khan' in Bebo's wishlist

It looks like, there's another Khan on the list of the most desirable men. We are here talking about the hot chocolate- Imraan Khan, who made waves in Bollywood with the blockbuster Jaane Tu... Ya Jaane Na last year.

The buzz is that Kareena a.k.a. Bebo has expressed his wish to work with this cutie in her near future.We hope not as a romantic couple, as the lady with size zero might not be able to match up with his naive image. 

However, her knight in the shining armour- Saif Ali Khan has been advising her on her dressing, maybe to help her be evergreen- just like him!  

Bosky Dhirai
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Yet another love triangle: Arshad Warsi

 It’s rare to find a happy married couple in Bollywood and few of the names having a happy married life include Arshad Warsi and Maria Goretti. However, it seems like their blissful times are endangered. Apparently, Maria is having major problems with Arshad and Dia Mirza’s friendship. For all those who don’t know, Arshad is one of those few actors who have been loyal to their wives and concentrated on nothing else but work. Also, this is his first ever link up in the industry.


However, the news of their link up isn’t yet confirmed. Thus, we wish that our dear Circuit comes out clean out of this. After all, it’s hard to find the happily ever afters in Bollywood. 

Bosky Dhirai

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Sonam Kapoor: A problem for Bachchans?

 The girl has shed off the Saawariya image and has jumped into the battlefield of Bollywood. Though not very popular with her films, Sonam is definitely getting famous for her dare devil acts in the industry. Just recently, Aishwarya was in news for her thoughtful act of turning down a fairness cream brand. However, it seems that the brand is now in Sonam’s kitty.


On the other hand, the lady is bit of a problem to hubby- Abhishek too. As we all know, Delhi 6 (starring Abhishek Bachchan and Sonam Kapoor in the lead) is on the verge of release, and the actors are full fledgedly promoting the film. But, it seems that Sonam is getting lot of attention from the promoters and AB baby is put at the backseat.


So is the Bachchan- Kapoor rift repeating itself? Let the tie decide.


Bosky Dhirai

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The hottest on-screen couples in Bollywood

 Everybody talks of the current on-screen and off-screen couples, but it would be interesting to remember the on-screen couples that made history in Bollywood.  


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LJ India, a hub for all LJ India users

Hi Everyone,         

We are happy to announce that it has been over six months since LJ announced its
localisation plans for India


We have been making great progress and with help from all of you, we have successfully launched a number of India specific communities. Besides Bollywood Club, the other active and buzzing India centric communities on LiveJournal are India Politics, India Writing, India Movies, India Sport and  India Travels. 


We would also like you take this opportunity to introduce to you LJ India. LJ India is going to be an active hub, almost the ground zero for all Indian users of LiveJournal, as well as all LiveJournal users interested in India.


Suggest ideas & improvements, ask questions, post queries, garner insights from other LJ users or just find friends with similar interests – LJ India is the community that you should join.


Do join the LJ India community. We look forward to meeting you on LJ India.


If you have any thoughts on how the past six months have been, or thoughts on how to take it forward, do leave a word.




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How Bollywood got its Shehanshah

 Amitabh Bachchan’s golden performances on the silver screen have made an unforgettable saga that is inscribed in the history of Bollywood forever. But, his journey to the top has been full of obstacles, failure and other unexplainable hardships.

Though facing failure in his initial days, Big B won his first national award with Saat Hindustani. The all time classic Aanand that is still remembered by the film lovers, gave Big B recognition amongst the masses. But, the emperor got his title of ‘angry young man’ in 1973, with Zanjeer. With his experimental nature, Amitabh carefully chose roles from all the genres, where Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s Namak Haram, proved his capability as a comic actor too.


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HIGH LIFE- Walk of shame

 It must feel good. While they can still smell champagne breath from the night before and are barely beginning to open their eyes for their morning tea, they see their own faces brightening up Page Three and other wannabe pages. We love to write about them. They love to be written about. Yet, they take something for granted. The publicity. Also the presumption that hum sab achcha hi likhenge aur achche ke siva kuchch nahi likhenge. It should be the other way around. Sach ke siva hum kuchch nahi likhenge. But celebs feel there is an inbetween road we can take. Write nice stuff but if a scandal rocks them we should turn a blind eye. I learnt this early in life thanks to an angry and bitter star wife. Her husband was involved with his co-star and we wrote about it. She called after reading it and asked me, “How could you have done this to me and my kids.” Her question gave me the answer. Shouldn’t she be asking her husband this? After all, he took the vows and was responsible to her, not me. If she was worried about people’s perception then why seek fame or someone famous in the first place? She should have been strong enough to dump her Mrs Superstar tag and walk away.

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HIGH LIFE- Bakwas bandh!

 If it wasn’t for a few lazy journalists, star blogs wouldn’t be making as much news. That’s my view. People, especially the stars could beg and differ. But I see it happening all the time. Each time their editors challenge them to come up with a story they go reading star blogs and then make stories out of them. One Khan calling another a dog. Bad taste. Ram Gopal Verma calling himself Gabbar Singh. Karan Johar commenting on others’ films. Well, the kamchor journalists’ day is made. They have a story that can either make it to page one or be played repeatedly on their tele channel. If it wasn’t for these scribes who lack thinking power, would as many people be reading and popularising star blogs? If only the media hadn’t been so star struck, would anyone really care? Celebs abroad have blogs but they don’t get the same media attention perhaps because the press there is neither lazy nor awe struck. And of course the master of all bloggers is Amitabh Bachchan. Wonder how he finds the time. In his pichla janam he must have been a journalist. He writes on his blog with such fervour. I am a great fan of the Big B and I think when it comes to writing, his genes are a class apart. He should write poetry instead of hitting out at journos and fellow filmis. I have defended him writing whatever he did on his blog in the past saying people were battering him. But ab paaan chabao aur bas kar do bhai. Khaike paan banaras wala shayad band ho jaye blog ka taala...

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HIGH LIFE- Of Blue Label and blue sapphires

 There are two kinds of parties, ones that people host just for Page 3 and some all for the sake of fun and no publicity. It took me quite a while when I was new in this business to figure which party was which one. Over time, most of these parties turned into events all for the sake of the press. I used to joke about these parties and call them dial-a crowd, rent-a-crowd parties. Now, I think our intelligent readers are sick of reading about the clichéd black dress and who all were present at the party. Why does the reader care unless they say something interesting? Perhaps, the only people who enjoyed such writing were the ones being mentioned, or the people writing about them.

When it’s a party the hosts really don’t want to publicise, then it deserves mention. Esther and Raju Daswani are among the more popular couples. Now I will not mention just names here unless they really are interesting. Like every year, they hosted a party at their Cuffe Parade residence on Friday night. The occasion? They were celebrating friends and life. The motive for sure was not publicity. They politely declined camera and coverage requests. Like I promised, not just names at the end of this one.

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