29 НОЯБРЯ: лекция ДЖИНА МАХАВИРА: джайнский аскетизм и религия ахимсы

27 November 2012, 01:58

29 ноября, в 19.00 состоится вторая лекция цикла о великих духовных учителях Востока. На сей раз, беседа посвящена джайнизму — древней индийской религии, которая, тем не менее, отрицает высшего Бога и не признает авторитет ключевой индийской традиции — Вед. 

Сергей Пахомов посвятит нас в тайны религии "духовных победителей" — джайнов, расскажет о выдающемся джайнском наставнике — Джине Махавире, его духовных подвигах и просветлении, а также о том, что делают его последователи, чтобы освободить душу от "кармического плена".

Курс "ДУХОВНЫЕ УЧИТЕЛЯ ВОСТОКА" — это интереснейшее философское путешествие по основным духовным традициям мира (индуизм, буддизм, джайнизм, сикхизм, даосизм, конфуцианство, суфизм). 

курс ведёт Сергей Владимирович Пахомов, кандидат философских наук, доцент философского факультета Санкт-Петербургского Государственного Университета, специалист в области религиозно-философских традиций Востока, автор свыше 90 научных публикаций, редактор и переводчик, организатор многочисленных научных мероприятий в Санкт-Петербурге и других городах России


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A new 'Khan' in Bebo's wishlist

09 February 2009, 14:50

It looks like, there's another Khan on the list of the most desirable men. We are here talking about the hot chocolate- Imraan Khan, who made waves in Bollywood with the blockbuster Jaane Tu... Ya Jaane Na last year.

The buzz is that Kareena a.k.a. Bebo has expressed his wish to work with this cutie in her near future.We hope not as a romantic couple, as the lady with size zero might not be able to match up with his naive image. 

However, her knight in the shining armour- Saif Ali Khan has been advising her on her dressing, maybe to help her be evergreen- just like him!  

Bosky Dhirai

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Yet another love triangle: Arshad Warsi

06 February 2009, 11:30

 It’s rare to find a happy married couple in Bollywood and few of the names having a happy married life include Arshad Warsi and Maria Goretti. However, it seems like their blissful times are endangered. Apparently, Maria is having major problems with Arshad and Dia Mirza’s friendship. For all those who don’t know, Arshad is one of those few actors who have been loyal to their wives and concentrated on nothing else but work. Also, this is his first ever link up in the industry.


However, the news of their link up isn’t yet confirmed. Thus, we wish that our dear Circuit comes out clean out of this. After all, it’s hard to find the happily ever afters in Bollywood. 

Bosky Dhirai

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Sonam Kapoor: A problem for Bachchans?

06 February 2009, 11:14

 The girl has shed off the Saawariya image and has jumped into the battlefield of Bollywood. Though not very popular with her films, Sonam is definitely getting famous for her dare devil acts in the industry. Just recently, Aishwarya was in news for her thoughtful act of turning down a fairness cream brand. However, it seems that the brand is now in Sonam’s kitty.


On the other hand, the lady is bit of a problem to hubby- Abhishek too. As we all know, Delhi 6 (starring Abhishek Bachchan and Sonam Kapoor in the lead) is on the verge of release, and the actors are full fledgedly promoting the film. But, it seems that Sonam is getting lot of attention from the promoters and AB baby is put at the backseat.


So is the Bachchan- Kapoor rift repeating itself? Let the tie decide.


Bosky Dhirai

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The hottest on-screen couples in Bollywood

27 January 2009, 18:11

 Everybody talks of the current on-screen and off-screen couples, but it would be interesting to remember the on-screen couples that made history in Bollywood.  


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LJ India, a hub for all LJ India users

23 January 2009, 16:16

Hi Everyone,         

We are happy to announce that it has been over six months since LJ announced its
localisation plans for India


We have been making great progress and with help from all of you, we have successfully launched a number of India specific communities. Besides Bollywood Club, the other active and buzzing India centric communities on LiveJournal are India Politics, India Writing, India Movies, India Sport and  India Travels. 


We would also like you take this opportunity to introduce to you LJ India. LJ India is going to be an active hub, almost the ground zero for all Indian users of LiveJournal, as well as all LiveJournal users interested in India.


Suggest ideas & improvements, ask questions, post queries, garner insights from other LJ users or just find friends with similar interests – LJ India is the community that you should join.


Do join the LJ India community. We look forward to meeting you on LJ India.


If you have any thoughts on how the past six months have been, or thoughts on how to take it forward, do leave a word.





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How Bollywood got its Shehanshah

22 January 2009, 13:25

 Amitabh Bachchan’s golden performances on the silver screen have made an unforgettable saga that is inscribed in the history of Bollywood forever. But, his journey to the top has been full of obstacles, failure and other unexplainable hardships.

Though facing failure in his initial days, Big B won his first national award with Saat Hindustani. The all time classic Aanand that is still remembered by the film lovers, gave Big B recognition amongst the masses. But, the emperor got his title of ‘angry young man’ in 1973, with Zanjeer. With his experimental nature, Amitabh carefully chose roles from all the genres, where Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s Namak Haram, proved his capability as a comic actor too.


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HIGH LIFE- Walk of shame

21 January 2009, 13:47

 It must feel good. While they can still smell champagne breath from the night before and are barely beginning to open their eyes for their morning tea, they see their own faces brightening up Page Three and other wannabe pages. We love to write about them. They love to be written about. Yet, they take something for granted. The publicity. Also the presumption that hum sab achcha hi likhenge aur achche ke siva kuchch nahi likhenge. It should be the other way around. Sach ke siva hum kuchch nahi likhenge. But celebs feel there is an inbetween road we can take. Write nice stuff but if a scandal rocks them we should turn a blind eye. I learnt this early in life thanks to an angry and bitter star wife. Her husband was involved with his co-star and we wrote about it. She called after reading it and asked me, “How could you have done this to me and my kids.” Her question gave me the answer. Shouldn’t she be asking her husband this? After all, he took the vows and was responsible to her, not me. If she was worried about people’s perception then why seek fame or someone famous in the first place? She should have been strong enough to dump her Mrs Superstar tag and walk away.

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HIGH LIFE- Bakwas bandh!

21 January 2009, 13:37

 If it wasn’t for a few lazy journalists, star blogs wouldn’t be making as much news. That’s my view. People, especially the stars could beg and differ. But I see it happening all the time. Each time their editors challenge them to come up with a story they go reading star blogs and then make stories out of them. One Khan calling another a dog. Bad taste. Ram Gopal Verma calling himself Gabbar Singh. Karan Johar commenting on others’ films. Well, the kamchor journalists’ day is made. They have a story that can either make it to page one or be played repeatedly on their tele channel. If it wasn’t for these scribes who lack thinking power, would as many people be reading and popularising star blogs? If only the media hadn’t been so star struck, would anyone really care? Celebs abroad have blogs but they don’t get the same media attention perhaps because the press there is neither lazy nor awe struck. And of course the master of all bloggers is Amitabh Bachchan. Wonder how he finds the time. In his pichla janam he must have been a journalist. He writes on his blog with such fervour. I am a great fan of the Big B and I think when it comes to writing, his genes are a class apart. He should write poetry instead of hitting out at journos and fellow filmis. I have defended him writing whatever he did on his blog in the past saying people were battering him. But ab paaan chabao aur bas kar do bhai. Khaike paan banaras wala shayad band ho jaye blog ka taala...

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HIGH LIFE- Of Blue Label and blue sapphires

21 January 2009, 13:33

 There are two kinds of parties, ones that people host just for Page 3 and some all for the sake of fun and no publicity. It took me quite a while when I was new in this business to figure which party was which one. Over time, most of these parties turned into events all for the sake of the press. I used to joke about these parties and call them dial-a crowd, rent-a-crowd parties. Now, I think our intelligent readers are sick of reading about the clichéd black dress and who all were present at the party. Why does the reader care unless they say something interesting? Perhaps, the only people who enjoyed such writing were the ones being mentioned, or the people writing about them.

When it’s a party the hosts really don’t want to publicise, then it deserves mention. Esther and Raju Daswani are among the more popular couples. Now I will not mention just names here unless they really are interesting. Like every year, they hosted a party at their Cuffe Parade residence on Friday night. The occasion? They were celebrating friends and life. The motive for sure was not publicity. They politely declined camera and coverage requests. Like I promised, not just names at the end of this one.

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HIGH LIFE - Code red

21 January 2009, 13:26

 If it was a Thursday night and Dasera, it didn’t matter. She didn’t have to wait until Friday night to host a party. If Sanjay Dutt was not in town, it didn’t matter. The attendance was still impressive. Clearly, Manyaata Dutt knows how to run her life and do things right. From the red candles and white orchids at the entrance to the eclectic guest list all dressed in red and white, she had it all under perfect control. If Sanju was abroad, she made sure her “jaanu” was constantly on the cell greeting all their friends as they walked in. Slim and sexy in red, I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised when I met Manyaata. This was my first time. Well dressed and in good shape! But I will share more on her with you when she comes back from her trip early next month.

The entire apartment has been redone by her. Incidentally, it was designed by Raja Dhody before. The businessman is no interior designer; style just comes to him naturally. Now he is all set to open up a restaurant in SOBO. Between his frequent quick trips abroad, he went for the Grand Prix in Singapore and then hopped onto Vijay Mallya’s jet and went to Goa instead of coming home. His legal matrimonial matters, hosting some of the best Blue Label and pink champagne parties (even Parmeshwar Godrej wouldn’t miss his birthday bash), and attending other high profile events and parties. I honestly marvel at his energy levels. How does he manage to take on so much? Now his Facebook posting says he is gearing up to take on the world! He doesn’t need to. From what I saw recently, he has enough PYTs wooing him. And he already seems to have the world at his feet. Talking of his feet, I ended up there too. Blame my new shoes or a wet floor, all I know is that in the midst of a serious conversation I was at his feet. The bruise on my knee is taking its own sweet time to fade; an embarrassing reminder of a public fall that I hope went unnoticed by most.

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10 January 2009, 18:17

Chandni Chowk To China Toronto Premiere

HIGH Quality Pics of Akshay, Deepika and Twinkle under cut!

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HIGH LIFE- Glam slam

02 January 2009, 13:56

It is evident that what works with Bollywood heroines is glamour. The so-called simple, girl-nextdoor image does not really work. We have Anushka Sharma and Asin pitted against each other. The comparisons are inevitable. So here is Asin with perfect pumped up lips and all the attributes of a Bollywood heroine. Cosmetic or natural we don’t know, but she has what it takes. But Anushka clearly hasn’t worked. Usually Aamir is the one who picks simple, understated girls who can’t steal the show. Like Gracy Singh who was part of an Oscar-nominated Lagaan but didn’t really make it. Even Rang De Basanti had a white chick but again she was no glam doll. Ditto with Soha Ali who was part of the film but again, she is no sex kitten. Taare Zameen Par had a girl who breezed in and out. I don’t even recall her name. Then Jaane Tu… where nephew Imran was launched with the same logic. The girl Genelia D’Souza was no sex siren. Of course, the perfectionist that Aamir is, he must have chosen the girls according to the requirement of the films. But his heroines from the recent past didn’t really make it, while he walked away with the accolades. However, with Ghajini, it’s different. Aamir who has sexed himself for this film has opted for a hot looking Asin. She may be a fresh face in Bollywood but in the south, Asin has 20 hits to her credit. In fact, she is one young heroine who has had no flops.

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HIGH LIFE- Look who’s talking

02 January 2009, 13:52

We all know how media savvy Aamir Khan is. In fact, when I first heard that the mega Khans — Aamir and Shah Rukh have their films pitted against each other, I thought how much of the Khans will we read day after day, for weeks. Every channel would have them. We saw how cleverly Aamir used the media to promote his nephew Imran Khan’s Jaane Tu… Now it’s time for Aamir’s own film. He knows exactly what to say when and where. Even his smile and facial expressions are calculated. This is something I admire about him.

Over the years, he has mastered the art of being flawless. But I watched him on TV on Eid day. He accused the media of being overzealous about the terror attack coverage. He thought the media went overboard giving minute-by-minute coverage of the situation. He felt the media should have gone easy. This, coming from Aamir who came out of our ears and eyes when he went on a film promotion binge and put us through a blitzkrieg of publicity.

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HIGH LIFE- Hum ‘dard’

02 January 2009, 13:49

Seeking and seeking desperately one bright, enterprising tele scribe to go snooping in Bollywood. To find out if we have learnt or not? Are we asking questions or simply welcoming every gori chitti chick who wants to come and work here in Bollywood. Are questions being asked? Are papers for foreign Bollywood aspirants being filed? Am not too sure. In fact, I was shocked when a reliable source told me the other day that a couple of our most popular beauties at the moment are here without work permits. Yes, we are required to go to the foreigners’ registration office and let them know we are working here. Hey! But this rule probably holds good just for the corporates. I guess even when government officials watch these actors sing and dance on their screens the thought doesn’t strike them that this person is perhaps here on my TV without a work permit. Certain stars are famous for being their humdards and giving panah to so many non-Indian artists be they actors or hummers… Oops! I meant singers. All you need is a beautiful face and a tourist visa and then a Bollywood biggie who gets attracted to you. Wham! Mam! You are right here in Bollywood. No questions asked. So many of our stars have been romantically involved with non-Indian women and men for decades. I wonder how many of these artists who come here to sing or judge competitions have work visas. Tourist visa hai na… chalega! All you need is an influential buddy in filmdom who is promoting you. Wouldn’t it be ironical if we saw one such celebrity talking about the terror attack and condemning them? This, when they are blissfully breaking rules. Do you think one of our stars would be able to work and become famous in Hollywood without work papers? Isn’t it time we ask how much these Pakistanis here have paid us in taxes after using our industry to make millions? Can every filmmaker make sure they see work permits and not just sign on a pretty face or a sweet voice just like that? Lastly, shame on all those filmi bigwigs who tried using clout to get their movies released simultaneously in India and Pakistan when the country’s tears haven’t even stopped dripping.

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HIGH LIFE- Wrong number?

02 January 2009, 13:46

You have heard about the war of words. Now read about this one. It’s the war of numbers. No I am not going to start your morning reminding you of the Stock Exchange. I am talking about the numbers in numerology. And Bollywood is totally obsessed with this. I spent my Sunday afternoon giggling to myself as I witnessed a war of words and numbers on the wall of a popular social networking site. It all started with numerologist Niraj Manchanda predicting Yuvvraaj would be a flop all thanks to the extra ‘V’ that a numerologist may have added. But once the messages went back and forth between the two numerologists, the mud slinging on their walls was certainly more entertaining than Subhash Ghai’s musical bonanza. So much so that Neeraj wrote, “If you need to take sweet revenge from your foes gift them the movie’s tickets, they will kill themselves of boredom.” Mind you these are not my words or my opinion. I am no film critic. Just a mere movie buff like you guys. To be honest the filmwallas fascinate me more than their films. But two things I will say in defence of Yuvvraaj, the music is brilliant and Anil Kapoor is super brilliant. He is the true star in the film. In real life, he is an ageless wonder. I have asked him how he manages to look so youthful and unchanged over the years and he jokes, saying he will share the secret with me when I get there and need it. Nose Dive I know again that sounds like the sensex but what I am talking about is Priyanka Chopra’s nose. Journos over the past two weeks have been getting very nosey about her nose all thanks to an unethical selfproclaimed cosmetic surgeon who wickedly took the credit for doing her nose job without really saying it himself. But him posing with his laptop and talking about a similar procedure on a news channel didn’t seem so innocent after all. This is the same doctor who had earlier been accused of molestation. And to think that Priyanka’s family considered him a family friend. He will probably get business from lots of Priyanka Chopra wannabes but all at the cost of compromising morals and letting down someone as sweet as PC! Just in case the media is still curious, rumours about Priyanka’s nose have been doing the rounds since 2002. I remember her doing an interview with me where I asked her about her nose job. She had said she had suffered a bad sinus attack in London and undergone a surgery. That’s how she explained the rumours had started. I had even asked her if she would ever get implants to which she had sportingly said, “I am well endowed and don’t need implants.”

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HIGH LIFE- Chalo Dilli

02 January 2009, 13:03

Are Mumbaiites beginning to enjoy partying in Delhi or are the Delhiites getting obsessed with us Mumbaikars? I thought I was going to cover just one event for Zoom. Boy, everyone and anyone from amchi city were there. It turned out to be one whirlwind weekend. Sanjay Dutt was there with wife Maanyata for a car launch. She sure has learnt the ropes of being a star wife fast. She keeps away from the media glare and the flashbulbs. Even when she is in the middle of an animated conversation, she knows when hubby is about to leave and then helps him make a quick exit. Of course, where there is Dutt, there is Bunty Walia who was excited that he was resuming his shooting for Lamha back in Srinagar. Hopefully, the security problems have been taken care off. I also saw him ogling at a good-looking sardar and asked him what he was upto. Usually you catch him checking out hot babes. Or is it the assar of Dostana? But he said he was checking out the stunning sardar because he is making a movie full of Sikhs. Seems like Singhs will once again be the hot things. But not at this Lamha. He has to first finish the project on hand.

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HIGH LIFE- Dum maro dum

02 January 2009, 13:00

Rehab, driving under the influence and overdose. Such words we think relate only to Hollywood. The names that come to mind are Britney Spears, Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan among others. Well, it is time we wake up because Hollywood hasn’t brought only the Oscars and talent here. They have brought in the drug culture too. Like always, the good comes with the bad. So far we thought just the modelling world was into drug abuse. Even Madhur Bhandarkar’s new film endorses this view. The truth though is that Bollywood is infested with drugs. Star kids are desperately hooked. 

A yesteryear superstarni is going crazy trying to get her daughter back to normal. Currently though, the beti seems more fascinated with drugs than her career. The poor mom actually has a punditji from her hometown living with them attempting to cleanse her daughter. I guess rehab is still an ugly word. 

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HIGH LIFE- Move on, Rock on!

02 January 2009, 12:42

There is hope for all those single parents who worry about the toll single parenthood takes on their kids. And this hope is called Farhan Akhtar. I loved him in Rock On. I even loved his scar and his voice that makes him sound like his famous father. Then of course, he has mother Honey Irani’s creative genes. He has talent written all over him. He looked sexy. If he doesn’t misunderstand this comment, he looked like a handsome version of Howard Stern that is if the controversial American radio and TV host could ever look good.

Farhan with his curly locks resembled him. You are perhaps wondering what’s new about me going ga ga over Farhan. Almost every girl and woman who watched the film did. Clearly, he is the star of the film. And a star of a broken home. His parents split when he was young. We read and hear it all the time. About how a divorce or split can ruin a child’s future. True, there are many cases that could support this, but are we saying that everyone from a happy family is a success story? But Akhtar is.
He is famous, successful, and very creative. And he is no psycho. He is happily married, completely committed to his wife and is a doting dad. Hey, but this does not mean that I support parents breaking up. My dad too tells me how every child needs both parents. Another friend thinks we have no right to think of our own happiness and all we need to think is what makes the kids happy. Great logic. But our Page 3 circle has been pondering over the fate of all kids whose parents are headed for splits Ville.

So this is a positive thought that I am sharing with all those going through it .Yet, there is another way to look at it. If Farhan Akhtar could be so balanced inspite of separated parents, what could he have been if they were still together? Now this would start a completely new debate. So instead, let’s just concentrate on what is here, now, and real. The super kid who has turned into a superceleb and a source of hope for all nervous parents. Relax guys, perhaps we are all born with predestined fates or maybe we make our own lives irrespective of what our parents do to themselves or us.

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HIGH LIFE- Kya fit hai

29 December 2008, 16:46

 Everywhere I look around in Bollywood, the men are all fit. Six pack abs pumped up biceps, a head full of hair even past 40. It feels unreal. It almost is. I met Suniel Shetty on Saturday night after a long, long time. He was warm but stressed. The usually happy star who loves playing pranks and telling funny stories was a little worried. Obviously still trying to get over the extortion threat some stuntman had made about harming his family. “I am really stressed out about the incident,” he said frowning. Yet, I couldn’t help notice the fit torso under his Armani Exchange shirt. Crew cut and all, Suniel looked handsome and very fit. I thought to myself, this is all thanks to his vice-free lifestyle — no drinking, no steroids, no partying and an exercise regimen he started when most stars didn’t even know what a gym looked like.

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November 2012


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