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Meet Aman Trikha, a graduate from Thakur College of Engineering in Electronics & Telecommunication. What’s an engineer doing in Idea Bollywood Club? Hear it from Aman himself:

 “I have been in Mumbai since the last eight years and I can’t help but say that this city has been unfair to me on quite a few occasions (Welcome to Mumbai!); nevertheless, I have no qualms. I am confident about what I do and believe in hard work for ‘long term success’. Music is my only weakness. Being a talented singer, I got a chance to perform in Idea Bollywood Club. Here you get a chance to show your talent in front of Bollywood celebrities who without doubt will help you get work in the industry. I am happy that I got such a big platform to perform on.”

Well, Aman seems to be satisfied with just performing on Idea Bollywood Club. Do you think his struggling days are over?

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