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RAKSHIT DAHIYA: White lies in disguise

This bundle of talent has managed to impress the celebrities and make a mark with his exceptional acting abilities. Let me also tell you that Rakshit spent 13 years of his life as a theatre artiste. But luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. While Rakshit was prepared, he failed failed to time his meeting with opportunity. It was an unpleasant experience for me to know of this budding actor's tryst with fate due to one tiny mistake.

Rakshit could not make it on the decided day and time for his audition. When contacted, he said that he had met with an accident. However, on further probing, he confessed that he couldn't wake up on time! As was bound to happen, Rakshit lost out on a golden opportunity to make it big at Idea Bollywood Club.

I am surprised to know that someone as talented as him could lose out on such a big prospect. But as they say it, everything is pre- written and perhaps, so was his fate!

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